Round-Up of The Most Popular Intex Inflatable Pools

The world is your lobster when it comes to installing your own Intex inflatable pool. There are so many options, and they are quick and easy to get up and running. But why would you want to install an above ground pool in the first place, surely they are liable to break?

Well if you take care of an inflatable pool it can last up to 10 years. You will need to certainly store it away or get a winter cover for the colder seasons. Above ground pools are the only option if you haven't had a pool installed previous to settling in your home. Unless you want to hire out a pool construction pool or start digging one out they are the next best thing.

A permanent pool requires year round maintenance to keep the water and you healthy, so if all you want is a bit of fun for the kids and yourselves in the summer months, well inflatable is the way to go.

So here's a few options from the basic to pools with slides and dinosaurs. If you want something that's cheap and for the entire family this lounge pool is ideal. Grab a cool drink and chill on the cushioned sofa as the kids splash about.

Intex Swim Center Inflatable 2 Seat Family Lounge Pool

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Suitable for 3 years and up. Two adults can lounge on the supported back rest as up to 4 kids splash about in the pool. It won't break any records for space but this entry level family pool has more going for it than just a basic paddling pool as it has 2 cup holders and 2 adults can comfortably fit on the two seat sofa bench without it bursting!

It will hold up to 20 inches of water and 156 gal (590 L) of water. It's approx 5ft 5 inches wide and will take 10-15 minutes to blow up with an electric or compressor pump. Don't try hand pumping it or it will take forever and you'll pass out! I have read about some people online using a hairdryer to blow it up. Hopefully they didn't have the heat switched on.

Intex Dinosaur Play Center Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

If you really want to put a smile on those little faces you can't go wrong with the dinosaur kiddie pool. There are a few different options we think that'll be ideal for under 8's.

There's the extremely popular Dinosaur which under 5's will really appreciate. It measures 98in X 75in X 43in and features a Palm Tree which sprays water which you can also adjust to your liking. This 57 gallon pool also comes with a mad which protects those little ones from hurting themselves on hard surfaces.

It also has a repair patch kit and plug in floor drain.

The Dinoland is another prehistoric option if you like more creature features. This 74 gal inflatable has a mini-slide and a movable water spray to keep your little splashers cool and amused.

Its squarely aimed at the toddler brigade so kids 2-5 years old are gonna love it but anyone above 7 and up might feel a little like mutton dressed as lamb in this.

There is a lot going on with the Dinoland to keep the appropriate age bracket amused. They get their own water slide (with protective mat) with an inflatable arch over it, and they have rings and balls to toss about under the watchful eyes of a baby tetradactyl, palm tree and happy mini t-rex. Instant amusement.

For extra fun hook up your garden house to the inflatable arch for an instant water park like spray. That will keep them cool on searing hot days.

Downside- doesn't come with a supplied pump, you will need your one if you want to spare your lungs.

This pool has got 5* ratings from over 7200 reviews on Amazon, its cheap, bright, cheerful and very cute.

INTEX 28211EH 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool For Adults

Now something that the adults and bigger kids can fit into. You can set your toddlers pool up beside this and keep an eye on them whilst you bask in the summer heat.

This pool hits the 5* Mark on Amazon and thousands of verified buyers have left it these high ratings. And for good reason. It's affordable tough pool a good alternative to an inground pool. It has a good deal of space and there are options measuring from 10-18ft depending on how large you want to go. It also has a professional cartridge filter pump.

The 10ft pool has a water depth of 24 inches whilst up at the top of the scale the 18 ft edition has a depth of 42 inches. Save your money going away and staycation with this.

But won't in burst easily and all your hard earned money will flush down the drain? Not so it is built with puncture resistant 3-ply material which can handle a lot of wear and tear.

Professional Features

Pristine water courtesy of Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump (110-120V) which puts out 1500 gallons p hour. This keeps the water flowing preventing algae and bacteria build up. Auto timer - set pump to stay on up to 12 hours at a time. Meets UL & CSA standards.

Fresh bubbles - Intex's Patented HydroAeration Technology increases water circulation by injecting air into the water, ensuring clear fresh water is constantly rotating.

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