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Welcome to My Pool Guide your one stop-shop for information on pool heaters and cleaners. Expect the latest info and reviews regarding solar pool heater technology. You can find the best Polaris pool cleaner models, the magnificent Pentair intelliflo,  and if you are building you own pool check out our design section. Please get in ... Read more

Amazing Pool Designs

floating pool

Over the years pools have become one of the most desired high-end toys to have in your backyard. They work on so many levels -  as beautiful garden features,  relaxation sanctuaries, entertainment, social occasions, and dare it, fitness. Plus, there’s the value they can add to your property. A well designed pool can increase the ... Read more

Above Ground Pool Ladders

Above ground pools are a great way to add value and enjoyment to your home. However, swimming can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. By using an above ground pool ladder you will be able to enjoy getting in and out of the water without worrying about breaking a hip or ... Read more

What's The Best Polaris Pool Cleaner?

preface -find out which Polaris pool cleaner is best for your pool and your needs Having an in-ground pool is not only a hefty expense, but it's also a huge responsibility. Of course, you have to worry about safety - especially when children are involved. But another hidden hassle of in-ground pools many perspective pool ... Read more

Your Ultimate Guide To The Complete Hayward Universal H-Series

hayward h series pool heater

Reliable and Energy Efficient Pool Heaters Built to Last! A properly heated swimming pool creates constant comfort and extends the swimming season indefinitely. When it comes to energy efficiency, reliability, and durability, Hayward H-Series heaters are certainly among the best. H-Series heaters from are reliable and hydraulically efficient pool heaters that can quickly heat up ... Read more